Abscesses in Horses and How to Treat Them

One of the most common sudden onset lameness causes is an abscess. These occur for a variety of reasons, but they are due to bacteria invading the hoof and causing an infection. These infections typically cause pain, and in turn the horse does not…

A Guide to Volunteering During Fires & 10 Rules to Live by in Evacuations with Horses

A Guide to Volunteering During Fires By: Carrie Terroux-Barrett Wildfire season is upon us. That was made brutally clear yesterday when much of Colorado erupted into a firestorm in just hours, several large, structure threatening fires and a few smaller ones included. Colorado is…

What is Compounding Medication for my Horse and Should I Do It?

Compounding Drugs for my Horse

First, let’s start off by explaining what is “Compounding Medication for my horse”? “Pharmaceutical compounding (done in compounding pharmacies) is the creation of a particular pharmaceutical product to fit the unique need of a patient. To do this, compounding pharmacists combine or process appropriate…

Group Scheduling with a Vet

Group Vet Appointment

When you board at a facility, you can typically do group scheduling with a vet for spring/fall vaccines to save on the Farm Call fee. This can be a pretty significant savings VS if you had the vet out for just your horse. There are many…

Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) Production to Increase for Premarin

Premarin PMU

A popular women’s horomone drug, Premarin, is created by harvesting the estrogen from pregnant mare’s urine. Premarin stands for PREgant MAres uRINe.  The horses used to produce this drug are referred to as “PMU” horses, for short.

Equine Enteric Coronavirus in Colorado

Coronavirus in Colorado

Unfortunately, many barns have been hit with the Coronavirus in Colorado this year. It is a disease that many have not heard of, but can be very serious. In an effort to provide you with the most accurate information, we did some research via…

Care Credit: Get your Horse Vet Help on Payments

Care Credit

Do you need to get your horse or other equine (or ANY pet) seen by the vet but don’t have the money right now? Get your horse vet help on payments: that’s where Care Credit steps in.

Equine Insurance and more!

Albracht Insurance

We have teamed up with Dennie Harms of Albracht Insurance to answer some questions on Equine Insurance and Other Insurance types that revolve around the horse industry. Equine insurance can be complicated if you are unfamiliar with it, and hopefully the information below will…

Biosecurity and Your Horse

We have teamed up with Dr. Bret Luedke from Heritage Equine to write a comprehensive article on biosecurity. Bio-Security for the horse owner: Boarding barns can be a great place to meet and ride with like-minded horse people across many disciplines but can also serve as…

VS (Vesicular Stomatitis) and Your Horse

Vesicular Stomatitis - VS in Colorado

Vesicular Stomatitis (VS or VSV) is a viral disease that primarily affects cattle, horses, and swine and occasionally sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. Humans can also become infected with the disease when handling affected animals, but this is a rare event. The main sign…