Colorado Horse Forum Community Rules

Welcome and Equine Community Rules in ColoradoWelcome, we are glad to have you. There is a ton of great info on the website as well as our Facebook Group. If your request hasn’t been approved: check your facebook messages. We regularly message member requests to verify they are not spam.

  1. Be kind to fellow members. Difference in opinion is ok, being rude or mean is not. You will get one warning. Then you will be removed from the group.
  2. If your post involves the exchange of money for anything it WILL NOT BE APPROVED if you don’t follow these instructions.
     If you are selling any equine related item (tack, trailer, fencing, breeches, etc) it MUST BE LISTED AS A SALES POST.
     If you are offering a service, event or horse for sale, you may list it as a discussion (since FB is policing those items when they are marked as sales posts). These still must have accurate description, pricing and location in the post or they will not be approved.
     Advertising is limited to once per week.
     All advertisements must be things LOCATED IN COLORADO and revolving around horses in some fashion.
     If the ad does not have a LOCATION, PRICE and DETAILED INFORMATION; it will not be approved
     If your first post is an ad about shoes, sunglasses or something non-related you will be immediately banned.
     MAKE OFFER or $1 is not a price. Put a price.
  3. Have fun getting to know your fellow Colorado Horse, Donkey, Mule and overall Equine enthusiasts. Be sure to post an introduction with photos… we all love photos of fur family members!!!
  4. If you have me or our staff blocked from you, you will be removed from the group or not even approved to join the group. We need to be able to comment on your posts in case information is missing, If I am blocked, I cannot even get to your profile to message you to inform you of the issues with your post let alone comment on your post. We do not need to be friends, however I do need to be able to communicate with you via the posts/comments.
  5. If you are reported by other members multiple times or are caught by moderators breaking the rules multiple times you will be banned permanently. It is time consuming monitoring this group, please be considerate to your admins/moderators; they do this for free so you have a great place to talk equine!

Help make and keep this group an amazing place for the equestrian community in Colorado and other surround Rocky Mountain regions. Thanks for being a part of the group!!

Your Admins:
Una Schade
Kathy Leppert
Kristen Littrell
If any issues arise, please contact any of us or tag us in the post!
You can also email with any questions.