Jana Steffen Dressage Clinic

September 8, 2018 – September 9, 2018 all-day
Patch Ranch
12655 St Highway 67
$85 per one hour private session
Katie Knight
Jana Steffen Dressage Clinic @ Patch Ranch  |  |  |

Please note this is a 2 day clinic on 9/8 and 9/9!

Jana Steffen trains in Seattle Washington. She teaches classical dressage and horse training with an emphasis on relaxation and suppleness. The intent is to create greater awareness and feel for the whole horse resulting in improved communication and a more harmonious, happy partnership between horse and rider.

For more information on Jana and her influences, please visit JSteffendressage.com

Directions to Patch Ranch:
3 miles north of Wetmore towards Florence on Highway 67. Coming from Wetmore, drive North on 67. Pass the 2 mile marker and pass the point of interest on your left. We are the next left turn, about 100-200 yards.

7 miles south of Florence towards Wetmore on Highway 67 (turn south at the Carl’s Junior, the only stoplight in town—it is NOT marked if you are going towards the Springs). Pass the 3rd mile marker on the left. Drive up the small hill with a new home and garage. We are the right hand turn at the top of the hill. If you pass the point of interest, you have gone too far.
There is a big cement square well, 3 mail boxes. Turn West. Cross the first cattle guard. Drive West. Pass the house on your right. Turn North crossing second cattle guard. Take the IMMEDIATE left. Continue West.
In the small valley—the flatbed is for delivery and pick up. The dressage arena is there. Park next to the flatbed.

You will see the silo, outbuildings and yellow ranch house.