Sales Posts in the Group and why they Benefit You

Sale Posts

When you are trying to sell something in the Colorado Horse Forum Facebook Group (or any Facebook group), it really benefits you to create actual sales posts, and there are many reasons behind this.

  • When people go to the sale section, your ad will be there (if you just share a post from your page or another group, your ad will not show there and you could be missing out on someone that would actually buy your item).
  • Facebook reminds you that you have a sale item and asks you to mark it sold if it’s sold. This helps in a couple of ways; firstly it reminds you to mark it sold if you have sold it and then you won’t get contacted anymore about it. Secondly, it reminds you that you still have a sale ad that might NOT be sold, and you can go to the post and bump it easily by commenting in the thread to get it towards the top of the listings (CHF only allows 1 bump per week).
  • It gives you a centralized place to see ALL of your sale ads so you can adjust them, remove them, or bump them all pretty easily.
  • It reminds you of the important items we require for your post to be approved. If your post doesn’t have a location and price then it will not be approved therefore never show up in the group. This forces you to include that and helps make sure your post gets approved.
    Sell Something in CHF

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