The Colorado Horse Park **UPDATES**

Press Release from Colorado Horse Park:

Parker, CO. – December 18, 2019 – Colorado Horse Park (CHP) will continue to operate as a horse park in 2020 despite recent rumors to the contrary. The Colorado Equestrian Partners are enthusiastic about the 2020 schedule and have implemented changes to ensure that the horse show operates at peak performance.

For 2020, CHP will no longer offer boarding services at its venue, which mirrors operations at its sister equestrian centers in Florida and North Carolina.

“We have decided to no longer offer boarding services and we plan to continue operating CHP as a leading equestrian venue in the country,” said Michael Stone, President of Colorado Equestrian Partners.

In addition, Marion Maybank has resigned as manager of CHP. As a result, the partners are evaluating the different events and leadership needed for a strong 2020 season.

CHP is thankful to Marion and her husband, Mac Easley, for their hard work over the past years and wish them well in their future endeavors.

—–End Press Release—

We will be curious to see what happens to the events that organizations were told to remove from their calendars last week. Whether they will continue and get reposted to the calendars of events, or if they are permanently canceled.

Our Original Article posted 12/13/2019 after confirming with a representative of the Colorado Horse Park seems to be partially incorrect (original article below):

We just received official word from the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, CO that they are closing and all 2020 events have been canceled.

This is a huge blow to the Equestrian Community here in Colorado. The facility has held events for a variety of disciplines over the years and is a staple to the Equestrian Community here.

Right now, this is all the information we have, we will update you as we get more information.

Edited to add: We only posted this information on the Colorado Horse Forum after speaking to a representative from the Colorado Horse Park directly. We hope it’s not true, but with the amount of sources we have sourced info from, we have a hard time not believing it is true in some fashion. We didn’t share this information lightly, but also feel the community should be aware some major changes are on the horizon, whatever those changes are. Especially since confirmed by someone at CHP. We welcome communication with the owners of CHP directly if they want to help clarify what is happening.

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