Inexpensive Nanny Cams for your Horses!

Wireless Farm Camera System

I’ve been looking for a way to monitor my horses in their paddocks for a while. The issue I ran into is there isn’t electricity for the cameras, and the WiFi signal isn’t great outside (we don’t have a booster or anything outside).

We have a Blink system on our house so I really hoped that would work – but the range just wasn’t strong enough for those cameras central box to connect to. Then I stumbled on these Zeeporte Cameras for under $50. I figured I would order one and give it a shot. Y’all – I am blown away.

After doing a trial with that one camera for 5 days, I ordered 3 more (plus the appropriate SD cards for all 4).

Not only do they work, and work WELL off of only my in-home WiFi router, but they have a ton of great features! Watch the video below for unboxing, setup, and use of the system.

My Favorite Features:

  • Rechargeable Battery Operated (or you can set them up with a solar panel charger to keep them powered 24/7)
  • Free monitoring app “Adorcam” (no subscription required) Google Link and Apple Link
  • No central box they need to connect to, just WiFi and the app
  • Easy to setup, mount, and adjust
  • Loads of settings to customize
  • Easy to share individual or all cameras, and the option to share with admin or guest permissions
  • Ability to talk to whomever is on the other side of the live view
  • Motion detection that can be turned on/off, as well as sensitivity settings
  • Great picture in daylight or nighttime
  • SD card storage to save any motion events and the ability to rewatch anytime
  • Customizable notification settings
  • Great battery life
  • Works in all weather
  • Great WiFi range (my furthest camera is ~200ft from the router with walls in between)

I’ve had the system for about 2 weeks now, and we have had rain, freezing rain, snow, and 100mph winds since I’ve had the cameras installed! They haven’t let me down once. I am truly loving the ability to check on the horses no matter where I am, what time of day it is, or what the weather is like (without having to go outside or even get out of bed LOL).

Product Links:
ZeePorte Camera:
ZeePorte Camera with Solar Panel:
Single Solar Panel:
2 Pack Solar Panel:
128GB Micro SD Card:
256GB Micro SD Card:

Cold Weather & Winter Hacks for Horses

We asked our online community to share their favorite cold weather and winter hacks to make life with horses easier, here’s what they said:

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A Primer on CBD for Horses from Trove CBD

A Primer on CBD for Horses from Trove CBD

Trove CBD has partnered with us to help inform horse owners about CBD use and specifically how it can benefit our horse and equine partners!

Navigating the CBD Equine Obstacle Course

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill removed industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, the availability and popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products for people and animals has skyrocketed.  Use of CBD for pain, inflammation, and anxiety in horses has become mainstream, and positive results have been widely reported.  But there’s still a lot of confusion out there about CBD for horses.  Does it work?  Can I give my competition horse CBD at or before a USEF or FEI show?  What about my horse who’s in training, spooks at the same mailbox daily, or is rehabbing after a layup?  What product should I choose?  While additional research is needed, here’s what we know.

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Why is my Horse’s Urine Red?

Why is my Horses Urine Red

We tend to notice this in periods where there is snow on the ground. Our horse’s urine turns red or a rust color once in the snow. Typically there is no need to panic (but if your horse has health concerns or you want to be sure – always reach out to your vet). However, if the stream of urine coming out of your horse is orange or red, call your vet immediately.

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Wildfire Resources – Evacuation and More


It is no secret our state is on fire and many people and animals have been displaced, and are continuing to be displaced. Here is a list of helpful resources within the state for helping receive or provide evacuations for horses/livestock and more. We will add to the list as we find more resources (feel free to message us to get any links added).

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Current Air Quality

Current Air Quality in Colorado

As the fires continue in our state, it is important to note the air quality and air quality advisories if we plan to work our horses. If the air quality is too bad and there are too many particulates you can cause difficulty breathing, coughing, and even infection if horses are worked too hard and inhale too many of those particulates. If you can smell smoke, see ash,, can’t see the mountains (or other distant landmarks you can normally see), or in general have a harder time breathing yourself, it is probably a good indicator that you might want to let your horse have the day off of strenuous work.

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Helping Horses when there is Wild Fire Air Pollution

Helping Horsees with Wild Fire Air Pollution and Smoke

This year seems exceptionally bad for our wildfires, and in turn the air is smokey and causing a variety of health concerns including difficulty breathing, sore throats, burning eyes, runny nose, and more in humans AND animals. How can we help our horses when air conditions are like this?

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Grass Seeding for Small Acreage Property


If you are anything like the majority of property owners in Colorado, you face the constant battle of keeping your grass healthy and the weeds at bay. Luckily we have some great resources available to us to help keep our property maintained and healthy.

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An Inexpensive Way to Film Your Rides when you are by yourself

Film Your Rides with Pivo

Have you been looking for a way to film your rides, when you don’t have a friend/trainer/partner/etc. around? It looks like Pivo has recently stepped up their game for us equestrians.

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Animal Cruelty in Weld County


You may have seen the image and story circulating social media and the news about a Weld County horse that was severely underweight, with very overgrown feet, unable to stand or eat. That horse has been euthanized and the horse owner was cited with one count of animal neglect, a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 18 months in jail.

What you might not know are all the details leading up to the charge and euthanasia. So here they are:

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