Care Credit: Get your Horse Vet Help on Payments

Care Credit

Do you need to get your horse or other equine (or ANY pet) seen by the vet but don’t have the money right now? Get your horse vet help on payments: that’s where Care Credit steps in.

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Equine Insurance and more!

Albracht Insurance

We have teamed up with Dennie Harms of Albracht Insurance to answer some questions on Equine Insurance and Other Insurance types that revolve around the horse industry. Equine insurance can be complicated if you are unfamiliar with it, and hopefully the information below will give you a better idea on what insurance you might be interested in for your horse, donkey, mule, facility or equine business.

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Biosecurity and Your Horse

We have teamed up with Dr. Bret Luedke from Heritage Equine to write a comprehensive article on biosecurity.

Bio-Security for the horse owner:

Boarding barns can be a great place to meet and ride with like-minded horse people across many disciplines but can also serve as a great place for diseases to spread. There are a number of precautions you can take to ensure the health of your horse and the horses around you.

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Free horses are not FREE!

Free Horses in Colorado

You found a free horse on Craigslist (or wherever), awesome! But; horses with good training and manners with the ability to perform well, have money invested in them and no one is just willing to throw away that money.

In most cases there are REASONS why a horse is being given away free. It is lame, it is too old to do what the original owner wants it for, it is mean, it has dangerous habits under saddle, and I am sure there are other reasons I am missing. This is not to say that there aren’t great free horses out there that will fit your needs, we just want to help you go into this with enough education to make an informed decision.

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There are Rules to Riding in an Arena!

Riding in an Arena in Colorado

Unless you are fortunate enough to have your own arena at home for private use; you most likely have to share arena space with other riders. And a riding arena (like any other sports arena) has rules to follow. But in horseback riding those arena rules are not always evident or clearly stated. This is a guide to help you ride courteously in an arena with other people (no matter the discipline; aka Western, Trail, Dressage, Jumper, etc.). Not only does this help with traffic, it ensures the safety of all riders and horses in the arena.

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How to be a New Boarder in a New to You Barn! Or Just a Good Boarder in General!

Be a good boarder in Colorado

Moving barns is never an easy decision. But once you have made the decision and are the new boarder; here’s a few easy ways to make friends and get you AND your horse settled into your new barn! Read More

VS (Vesicular Stomatitis) and Your Horse

Vesicular Stomatitis - VS in Colorado

Vesicular Stomatitis (VS or VSV) is a viral disease that primarily affects cattle, horses, and swine and occasionally sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. Humans can also become infected with the disease when handling affected animals, but this is a rare event. The main sign in animals is oral disease appearing as mucosal vesicles and ulcers in the mouth, but also on the udder and around the coronary band. Animals may show systemic signs such as anorexia, lethargy and pyrexia. Disease usually resolves within two weeks, and animals usually recover completely.

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Brand Inspection – The Ins and Outs

Brand Inspection in Colorado

A lot of people aren’t sure what they need, or don’t need for a brand inspection. I am going to cover what is needed for an in state inspection, and an out of state inspection (from a state that doesn’t do inspections). I talked to the brand board to make sure I got all info needed so you have no questions left!

First to clarify any confusion; you MUST get a brand inspection (proof of ownership) in Colorado whether the horse has a brand or not; or you are not considered the legal owner of the horse. There is no alternative here.

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