Partnering with the Colorado Horse Forum presents business with a unique opportunity to align yourself with a vibrant and engaged community of equestrian enthusiasts. By associating your brand with a platform dedicated to the Colorado horse community, your business can tap into a targeted audience of horse and equine lovers, riders, and industry professionals. This sponsorship not only enhances brand visibility but also demonstrates a commitment to supporting local equestrian interests, fostering goodwill and loyalty among potential customers.

A little about The Colorado Horse Forum

The Colorado Horse Forum started as an online community dedicated to equines in Colorado in 2007. We have blossomed into a fully functional equine blog and website with over 30,000 users in 2023 visiting over 50,000 pages. Our corporate Facebook Page has over 5,000 followers.

We offer an online community through Facebook Groups with over 8,800+ active members (always growing), an online BST (Buy/Sell/Trade) Community, and an online Horse Showcase community. We also offer a free online calendar as well as an online directory/classifieds.

We love horses, donkeys, mules, and more… We cover topics from boarding, training, trail riding, showing, equine events, horse health, product reviews, and the lit goes on. Most of all we offer a fun friendly environment to get to know other equine enthusiasts in Colorado and share information through.

We require no contract and you can advertise on a month-to-month basis or commit to a year if you prefer (receive a discount!).

A little about our Website Users and Audience

Every year or so, we survey our website visitors and group members to learn more about who they are, and their upcoming equine and personal needs.

In summary, of those surveyed for 2023:

  • 40% compete and 31% stay in a hotel when competing away from home
  • 41% take lessons
  • 77% have horses that are registered with a breed registry
  • 78% have horses at home, 47% have horses boarded (this means some people both have horses at home AND horses boarded)
  • 45% own 1-2 vehicles, 54% own 3 or more vehicles
  • 81% own 1 or more trailer
  • 85% own their home, 10% rent their home
  • 26% live in a suburban neighborhood or on less than 1 acre, 71% live on 2 acres or more
  • 87% are planning a major purchase, or multiple major purchases, in the next 12 months
  • 56% make over $100,000/year
  • 98% use services for their horse(s)
  • 96% use services for themselves

Important Sponsorship Details

In every sponsorship opportunity we offer, we provide tracking links for your ads. What this means – if you utilize Google Analytics or another quality website analytics tracking medium, you will be able to see the click to your site from your advertising partnership with us. We will also provide you monthly statistics on the amount of times your ad was served to our users. We offer discounts to businesses that want to sign up for an entire year!

Sponsorship Types:

Site Sponsorship & Business Partnership Information – $200/mo.
or $2,000 with an annual contract ($400 savings off month to month costs).

Seize the opportunity to showcase your business to our website visitors effectively. Your ad will be prominently featured in the right column of every page, excluding the calendar and directory pages. Consistent brand exposure aims to establish a lasting presence in the minds of visitors, ensuring your business is top-of-mind when their needs align with your specialty. To maintain exclusivity and maximize impact, we only allow one advertisement per industry at any given time. Act swiftly to secure your spot on a first-come, first-served basis.

What site sponsorship/advertisement includes:

  • 300x250px banner advertisement with link: on website articles and all webpages that feature a sidebar (not including the calendar and directory) to over 2,500 avg. visitors per month with approximately 1.67 pageviews per user. (Totaling 4,000+ ad views per month by in-market Colorado Equestrians)
  • Mention on the Colorado Horse Forum Facebook Page as a site sponsor to 5,000+ followers monthly as a bonus.

Calendar Sponsor – $250/year

Participating as a sponsor for our calendar presents an excellent opportunity to connect with dynamic equine enthusiasts in Colorado. With only a single space up for grabs, your ad will be prominently displayed just above the calendar, ensuring that all users scroll past it to access our events. The page garners an average of 124 visits monthly, translating to a remarkable cost of $0.16 per user reached. This exclusive sponsorship opportunity operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so secure your spot now.

Blog Post Sponsorship Information – $75/blog post

Blog post sponsorship is a great way to build trust with our website visitors, as they will see you as an expert on the topic and think of you the next time they have a need for your specialty. We limit this to one sponsored post per week, and will not allow a direct competitor* to advertise within 4 weeks of your post.

What blog post sponsorship/advertisement includes:

  • One blog post published on a topic of your choosing. You can write the article, or we can write it for you with your input. It should be informative and provide beneficial information for our website visitors. We offer 2,500 avg. visitors per month to our website with approximately 1.67 pageviews per user. (Totaling 4,000+ ad views per month by in-market Colorado Equestrians).
  • Blog post will be published on our corporate FB page (Over 5,00 followers) as well as to our FB group (over 8,000 members).
  • You are listed as the post sponsor, & links as well as contact info for your company are provided in the post.

Email Newsletter Sponsorship Information – $50/email

We send out a periodic newsletter to approximately 1,016 subscribers. You would have a banner ad on the sidebar of the email. Our email newsletters offer a 44.38% open rate on average, which equals out to 451 users on average viewed each email or a cost to you of $0.11 per viewer. We will only offer one advertisement per industry* at the same time. No more than 4 advertisers per email.

What email sponsorship/advertisement includes:

  • 300x250px Image advertisement with link on the right column of the monthly email campaign that is mailed out to over 1,000 email subscribers.

Advertise with the Colorado Horse Forum

If you are interested in targeting equestrians in Colorado and surrounding states with your brand, contact us today through the form below. We are more than willing to provide you with site analytics or any other requested information. We pride ourselves in being a transparent quality business partner.

*Industries include (and some of these will cancel out others based on product type offered): Saddles, Tack Store, Veterinarians, Equine Insurance, Feed, Massage Therapists, Equine Dentists, Equine Clothing, Equestrian Clothing, Truck/Diesel Repair, Horse Trailers, Horse Training, Equine Chiropractor, Ranch/Farm Store, Grooming, Boarding Facility, others available contact for info.