Bees and Horses, How to Coexist

Bees and Horses - How to CoExist

If you are struggling with bees bothering your horses this spring like I am, I feel your frustration! Nothing has bloomed yet, we are having loads of warm days in between the snowstorms, and the bees are HUNGRY AND CONFUSED! My issues with the…

Inexpensive Nanny Cams for your Horses!

Wireless Farm Camera System

I’ve been looking for a way to monitor my horses in their paddocks for a while. The issue I ran into is there isn’t electricity for the cameras, and the WiFi signal isn’t great outside (we don’t have a booster or anything outside). We…

An Inexpensive Way to Film Your Rides when you are by yourself

Film Your Rides with Pivo

Have you been looking for a way to film your rides, when you don’t have a friend/trainer/partner/etc. around? It looks like Pivo has recently stepped up their game for us equestrians.

Product Review: Porta-Grazer™

PortaGrazer in Colorado

We wanted to share a product that we have been using for a while now, and absolutely love. It’s the Porta-Grazer™ , which is a way to feed your horse’s hay naturally to them but in a slower manner. The Porta-Grazer™ comes in 3…

Product Review: Noble Outfitters Shirt, Breeches, Belt & Gloves

I recently received a few Noble Outfitter products to try out and provide feedback on. My initial impression right out of the box was that they were super quality items. Instead of creating a few posts that you would have to bounce around to…

Product Review: Total Saddle Fit Girth

Total Saddle Fit Girth Review

After receiving my half pad and girth from Total Saddle Fit, I wasn’t sure HOW beneficial it would really be for my horse and his saddle placement – it can be so hit or miss with products like this. So I gave it over…

Product Review: Dublin River Boots

Dublin River Boots

About a year ago I was on the lookout for some good all-around barn boots. They had to be waterproof, be knee-high and be warm and comfy. After asking around; it seemed most people recommended the Dublin River Boots. Plus, for a barn boot they…