Inexpensive Nanny Cams for your Horses!

Wireless Farm Camera System

I’ve been looking for a way to monitor my horses in their paddocks for a while. The issue I ran into is there isn’t electricity for the cameras, and the WiFi signal isn’t great outside (we don’t have a booster or anything outside). We…

An Inexpensive Way to Film Your Rides when you are by yourself

Film Your Rides with Pivo

Have you been looking for a way to film your rides, when you don’t have a friend/trainer/partner/etc. around? It looks like Pivo has recently stepped up their game for us equestrians.

Product Review: Porta-Grazer™

PortaGrazer in Colorado

We wanted to share a product that we have been using for a while now, and absolutely love. It’s the Porta-Grazer™ , which is a way to feed your horse’s hay naturally to them but in a slower manner. The Porta-Grazer™ comes in 3…

Product Review: Noble Outfitters Shirt, Breeches, Belt & Gloves

I recently received a few Noble Outfitter products to try out and provide feedback on. My initial impression right out of the box was that they were super quality items. Instead of creating a few posts that you would have to bounce around to…

Product Review: Total Saddle Fit Girth

Total Saddle Fit Girth Review

After receiving my half pad and girth from Total Saddle Fit, I wasn’t sure HOW beneficial it would really be for my horse and his saddle placement – it can be so hit or miss with products like this. So I gave it over…

Product Review: Dublin River Boots

Dublin River Boots

About a year ago I was on the lookout for some good all-around barn boots. They had to be waterproof, be knee-high and be warm and comfy. After asking around; it seemed most people recommended the Dublin River Boots. Plus, for a barn boot they…