Total Saddle Fit Girth Review
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Product Review: Total Saddle Fit Girth

After receiving my half pad and girth from Total Saddle Fit, I wasn’t sure HOW beneficial it would really be for my horse and his saddle placement – it can be so hit or miss with products like this. So I gave it over a week of testing to make sure the results were consistent.

I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised.

First off, the half pad quality is really nice. And the 6 way adjustability REALLY makes fitting your saddle easier when you have problem spots. Not to mention it is 1/2 the cost of some of the bigger name brands…

Then there is the girth. My regular girth REALLY pulled my saddle onto my horse’s shoulders. After a full ride I felt bad because there was no way he could have been 100% comfortable through his shoulders. And who knows what effect that had on his back with the saddle being pulled out of place. I tried the TSF dressage girth and after the first ride, I got off and Fritz’s shoulders were clear from the saddle. Same after the second, third and fourth rides. He also felt a little freer in his lateral movement (which isn’t his strongest suit to begin with).

So I decided to do a ride where the first part was the regular girth and the second part was the TSF girth. And after riding with each girth, did an “after ride” photo. The proof is in the pudding. I drew a line over Fritz at the same point of the mane to the same point of the leg to give you an idea of the difference. I rode with the normal girth for about 10 minutes and you can see how far forward it is just in that short amount of time. I rode in the TSF girth for about 20 minutes and you can see how nicely it stayed back on him. The price point is great in comparison to other bigger brands with comparable products too – win/win.

I will definitely purchase these products again if I happen to wear them out! Thanks for a more economical product that works phenomenally Total Saddle Fit! To learn more about Total Saddle Fit click here.

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