We wanted to share a product that we have been using for a while now, and absolutely love. It’s the Porta-Grazer™ , which is a way to feed your horse’s hay naturally to them but in a slower manner.


The Porta-Grazer™ comes in 3 different sizes: Mini, XL, and Corner Feeder. The image to the right shows approximately how many flakes each size will hold. We personally use the corner feeder, as it holds enough hay to last in between 3 feedings throughout the day/night for large warmbloods. So no more being on a feeding schedule/deadline before your horses tear down the barn!

Watch to learn more about the Porta-Grazer™

Porta-Grazer™ is a no waste natural feeding system that promotes better health for horses while allowing substantial savings of time and money to those who care for them. We all know that horses need feed available 24/7 to meet their digestive requirements, but sometimes the quantity of hay that would take is too much for the horse calorically, as well as financially for the owners. The Porta-Grazer™ slows down the intake of forage for your horse, allowing it to still eat all day, while not using as much hay in the process. The Porta-Grazer™ also offers a drain on their models, so if you have a need to soak your hay, you can do so easily and drain the water out no problem.

Porta-Grazer in Colorado

A few reasons why you might want to consider the Porta-Grazer™ for your horses or facility:

  • Hay savings average about 25%, depending on your current feeding system.
  • No dunking hay in water.
  • Porta-Grazer™ can be loaded in under a minute.
  • Bedding will last up to two times longer.
  • Substantial reduction of costly waste removal.
  • Horses will only eat what they require to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Huge reduction in stall cleaning time.
  • Head down dust free natural grazing position.
  • Reduces or eliminates bad stall habits such as cribbing, chewing, weaving, feed aggression and eating manure.
  • Parasite reduction by not eating from the ground.
  • Reduces the risk, frequency and severity of sand colic and gastric ulcers.
  • Horses ready to ride anytime regardless of feeding schedule.
  • Noticeable improvement in mental attitude.
  • Reduction in costly dental care.

The first time my hippo… errr horse… used his Porta-Grazer. Mind you there was also a pile of hay on the other side of the stall he could have eaten, but he chose to try out his Porta-Grazer instead! They are extremely durable because he likes to push it around to change his view while eating. It stays upright surprisingly well during all his antics!

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