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I recently received a few Noble Outfitter products to try out and provide feedback on. My initial impression right out of the box was that they were super quality items. Instead of creating a few posts that you would have to bounce around to see all the reviews, I decided to lump them into one post. I can honestly say that any of these items would make a great gift for a horse lover in your life, or as a present to yourself!

Ashley Performance Long Sleeve Shirt

Noble Outfitter’s Description: If you’re looking for coverage and comfort, the Ashley Performance Shirt is your new go-to riding apparel piece. Made with UPF 50+ rated fabric, ultra-breathable stretch mesh back and princess seam side panels — stay cool, protected from the sun and achieve a flattering fit all in one.

My Thoughts: I opted for the black/black version. The material right out of the box was intriguing to me. Nice and stretchy, but super soft while not too spandex-like and really light. Being in Colorado, we have over 300 days of sun per year and I have fair skin, so the idea of UPF 50+ fabric that is still breathable and comfy for riding in the sun sounded amazing to me. Especially since I run on the hotter side (OK, let’s be a real, I’m a walking oven). I have tried this shirt in a variety of temperatures (thank you Colorado in October for making this possible!). The first time I wore it, it was in the mid 70s and sunny: I didn’t get overly hot but I did sweat a bit, however the underarm vents helped air me out. I also tried it in about 60 degree weather and it was definitely better. But I enjoyed it most once it was around 50 degrees, I was still warm enough with the long sleeves, the venting didn’t cool me off too much and I had it zipped up.

Softshell Riding Pant

Noble Outfitter’s Description: Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying a ride! The new Softshell Riding Pant is made from a breathable softshell on the outside and micro polyester fleece for warmth on the inside. Water and wind repellency helps keep you warm in the most frigid conditions.

My Thoughts: I opted for black because it only comes in black. I was initially concerned that it would resemble a snowboard pant in material but that is not the case at all. The material is much softer than anticipated and is really comfortable to walk around in or sit in the saddle while wearing. It has two front pockets, both with zippers. Which makes them ideal for holding treats or even a cell phone while riding (even my large Note 5 fit in there with the zipper closed). The inner liner is a very soft fleece material which makes them truly warm and comfy on your skin, without being overly bulky. The pants are a surprisingly thin material for being a breech aimed at winter riding. The breeches fit more around the waist than at the hip, which I actually prefer and was thrilled about. The only downfall to these breeches is they are knee-patch only and I myself am a fullseat breech kinda gal. With that being said, they are still extremely comfortable to ride in and are not too slick. Nor do they make me feel unsecured in the saddle. And the detail of the horseshoes in the knee patch is really cute. I also attempted to ride in these in warmer weather just to see what would happen. I was hot! Really hot. But on the cooler days and chilly evenings these breeches really made a difference. Whether I was just walking my horse for his P.T., putting a full ride on a friend’s horse, or just walking around the barn doing things, they really helped fight off the chill of the cooler evenings. The material of these pants also makes them really easy to keep clean. Water just sort of bounces off and rolls away (which is an amazing feature with how much snow we can get here in Colorado), dirt brushes away with my hand easily. I can’t wait to see the difference they make when it’s sub-zero and snowing!

On The Bit Belt

Noble Outfitter’s Description: Beautifully inlaid snaffle bits accented with traditional padded leather make the On the Bit Belt a great finishing touch for any equestrian riding outfit.

My Thoughts: I opted for the Brown Belt with Turquoise padding. And.. you probably know me well enough by now to know I love Brown & Turquoise.. So it already has that going for it. I ordered an XL because many breeches (I find, anyways) fit more around the hips than at the waist. Their size chart was super accurate. Had the breeches I got from Noble Outfitters fit more at the hip, this belt would have worked perfectly. But because the breeches fit higher (around the waist), this belt was a touch large for wearing with them (although I did anyways because it’s such a lovely belt – I just used my leather punch to make an extra hole). The quality is really nice, the materials and finish are wonderful and the details of the bits are perfect for adding some pizazz to your riding apparel. It’s a really nice finishing touch to any riding outfit (or street-wear outfit).

Winter Show Glove

Noble Outfitter’s Description: Be ready to win in the Winter Show Glove, crafted from genuine goatskin and lined with micro fleece for warmth and dexterity. This winter weight show glove gives you a traditional polished look with superior grip and comfort.

My Thoughts: Being in Colorado, it’s hard to find a glove that keeps your hands warm, while still allowing you to feel your horse through the reins on the cold winter days. So that is exactly what I was hoping to find when I decided to try these gloves out. The leather is soft and pliable, the fit is nice considering they are winter gloves, and I could still feel my horse through the gloves which is a huge bonus. (Some gloves make you feel like you are riding in big puffy mittens – think “A Christmas Story”!). These gloves did a great job of keeping my fingers toasty on some of the cooler evenings as of late (high 30s) . Granted it hasn’t been snowy and below freezing yet, but I don’t doubt that they will perform as intended once it gets frigid based on how nice and warm my hands were on the cooler evenings. I tried these gloves in warmer weather too, just to see what would happen. Pretty toasty hands. Not a good match for warm weather (they are winter gloves, duh!).

All in all, I am really pleased with all of the items I received and would definitely recommend them to friends and family to try out if they are looking for some nice quality gear to ride in.

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