The Barn Bandits have been VERY active this year. Breaking into people’s vehicles at boarding facilities, stealing purses and valuables, and immediately going to Walmart or nearby stores to buy whatever they can with credit cards. They have been hitting barns all over the front range.

Please note: unfortunately a lot of the content provided was cut out of the news report.

We spoke to Deputy Jason Blanchard from the Douglas County Sheriff Community Resources/Crime Prevention Unit for some insight: the truth is that the general public thinks equestrians have money, which makes barns a likely target. Especially active boarding/training barns. But don’t consider yourself safe if you keep your horses at home either, because you are still a target. Deputy Blanchard reviewed, agreed with, and added to our initial items to protect yourself.

So what can we do to prevent it? Well, there are a few things. But they are not fool-proof.

  • If you have a gate, keep it closed.
  • Install a camera right at the entrance of your property, in a visible location, in hopes it will scare them away.
  • Install cameras all around the parking lots, so at a minimum, you get footage of them in the act.
  • Be vigilant. If you or anyone on your property sees a vehicle or person they don’t know, introduce yourself and ask why they are there. Maybe they are just a new boarder, but maybe not.
  • Make sure your barn and parking lots are well lit at night.
  • Have a dashcam in your car that starts recording at any sign of forced entry such as a heavy bump or glass break. (This one by Rexing on Amazon has great reviews and ships fast:
  • Do not leave any valuables in your car. Keep your car locked (although they are smashing windows to get in).
  • Do not leave your keys in your vehicle.
  • Close & Lock barn doors when not in use.
  • Put a lock on your trailer when it is not in use.

Deputy Blanchard also mentioned the 2 laws that come into effect when protecting yourself if you encounter a theft.

  • Make My Day Law: You may use lethal force if there is a substantial threat against your life inside your home. This is ONLY applicable if you are inside your home. Not your front porch, parking lot, or barn. And a Jury will decide if you should be held accountable for murder or not. You can read more here:
  • Stand Your Ground Law: You are able to use an appropriate amount of physical force to protect yourself or your property. A Jury decides what level of force is appropriate, meaning this can be a huge grey area. If you use a gun, you might very well be charged with murder. You can read more here:

The piece by 9 NEWS:

Here is a gallery of any photos we have been provided of suspects/vehicles involved. Note that the vehicles being used are likely stolen. And if not stolen are using incorrect, or no, plates. But you should still report it to your local law enforcement agency with as detailed information as possible so that the suspects can be apprehended. Feel free to send us images to add to this gallery via the chat icon at the bottom right of the website or email us at

Some other helpful info:

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