Colorado equine facilities are targeted by a late bill planned for this 2024 session. Based upon the report and policy recommendations of an animal policy think tank called the Animal-Human Policy Center, the Colorado Department of Agricultural intends to pursue a regulatory program affecting facilities that include 15 or more horses not privately owned by the facility owner or where 24 or more of said horses pass through in a year. If the legislation passes, it would be modeled after the Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act. Facilities meeting the stated number of horses would be required to register with the Department and pay a fee, agreeing to comply with yet unknown care standards. Then, as complaints are made to the Department, your facility is subject to inspection and disciplinary action, up to revoking your registration and ending your ability to operate.

The report and policy recommendations that were the genesis for the CDA’s new effort are here: You can draw your own conclusions about any accuracy or bias. It identifies several options for addressing the stated concerns. The legislation being contemplated is the most aggressive of those options. Most concerning about this development is that it seems that those most affected were left out of the loop of discussions last fall about whether to pursue this proposed program.

The lobbyist for the Department invites you to reach out to him with your thoughts by email or phone 303-229-7876. Consider also contacting the state representatives and senators for your district to let them know your thoughts.

We will be updating this article and posting to social media as we get more information!

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