Are there any current disease outbreaks in Colorado? The short answer is YES.

Strangles Outbreak in Colorado

There have been a LOT of posts floating around the interwebs about strangles and disease outbreaks in Colorado. Heritage Equine from Parker, Colorado and the Equine Disease Communication Center have confirmed this to be true.

Colorado Horse Seizure Case

Colorado Horse Seizure

Dozens of horses were seized from a property in Penrose during an animal cruelty investigation. In regards to this Colorado Horse Seizure: On Monday, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office announced the horse owner, 42-year-old Penny Gingerich, was charged with 64 counts of cruelty to animals,…

USEF Submits Comment on USDA’s Proposed Amendments to Horse Protection Regulations

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has submitted a comment in response to the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) proposed amendments to the regulations that implement the Horse Protection Act. In its comment, the USEF seeks to partner with the USDA in the…

Meet the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank & Come Support the Cause at a fun & amazing event!

Colorado Horsecare Foodbank ( provides temporary grants of emergency hay, grain, and veterinary & hoof care, for Colorado horses when their owners are unable to keep their horses fed, or provide veterinary care and horse-shoeing, due to natural disasters, job loss, divorce, catastrophic medical expenses, and other difficult…

Julie Goodnight and Barbra Schulte Partner Up for Women’s Riding and Wholeness Retreat at C Lazy U Ranch

**This article is a sponsored post by Julie Goodnight*** SALIDA, Colorado, September 30, 2016—For the first time ever, horsemanship clinician Julie Goodnight and renowned cutting horse trainer Barbra Schulte team up to present their Women’s Riding and Wholeness Retreat at Granby, Colorado’s C Lazy U…

Tails Getting Cut Off in Golden Area

We have heard of the unfortunate news that tail cutters are at it again – specifically in the Golden, CO area. From what we have heard, the attacks are happening at random and during the night.

Colorado Skijoring Accidents end up in Tragedy

Colorado Skijoring

Colorado Skijoring is a sport that involves a horse and rider galloping while pulling another person on skis through obstacles on snow.

Equine Enteric Coronavirus in Colorado

Coronavirus in Colorado

Unfortunately, many barns have been hit with the Coronavirus in Colorado this year. It is a disease that many have not heard of, but can be very serious. In an effort to provide you with the most accurate information, we did some research via…

Mountain Lion Sighting in NW Elbert County Colorado

Mountain Lion in Colorado

From our friends at the Elbert County Sheriff Office, we have learned of a mountain lion sighting in North West Elbert County. Although Mountain Lions won’t typically attack your horses, please be aware if you are in the area and take necessary precautions.

VS (Vesicular Stomatitis) and Your Horse

Vesicular Stomatitis - VS in Colorado

Vesicular Stomatitis (VS or VSV) is a viral disease that primarily affects cattle, horses, and swine and occasionally sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. Humans can also become infected with the disease when handling affected animals, but this is a rare event. The main sign…