More and more we see people using images they have not paid for to advertise their horse, show off their riding, brag on a clinic they ride in, etc. Did you know that using a proof image, screenshots of images, or any form of images from a photographer, when you have not paid for those images, is theft? And honestly is kind of just a jerk move.

Digital images are protected by copyright laws as soon as they are taken, which give the creator of the image the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the image. When someone takes a digital image without permission or payment, they are infringing on the creator’s copyright.

Photographers put time into taking the pictures, fuel plus wear and tear on their vehicle to get to the photography site, time into editing the images, not to mention wear and tear on their (usually very expensive) camera equipment.

You wouldn’t be ok with your work asking you to work a couple of hours for free. You shouldn’t expect photographers to work for free either.

If you steal a digital image, you could be committing copyright infringement. Copyright infringement occurs when someone uses someone else’s copyrighted work without permission or authorization.The consequences of copyright infringement can vary depending on the severity of the infringement, the country where it occurred, and other factors. In general, the copyright owner can take legal action against the infringer to seek damages or other remedies.

Some of the potential consequences of stealing a digital image include:

  • Legal action: The copyright owner can take legal action against the infringer, including suing them for damages or seeking an injunction to stop them from using the image.
  • Fines and penalties: In some cases, infringers may be required to pay fines or penalties for their unauthorized use of the image.
  • Reputation damage: If the infringer is a business or individual with a public presence, their reputation could be damaged if it becomes known that they have committed copyright infringement.
  • Loss of future opportunities: In some cases, copyright infringement can lead to the loss of future business opportunities or partnerships, as potential partners may be hesitant to work with someone who has a history of copyright infringement.

It is important to obtain permission to use, or purchase a license before using digital images to avoid any potential legal or reputational consequences.

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