In the heart of Denver, Colorado, an iconic event has been captivating audiences and preserving Western heritage since 1906—the National Western Stock Show. As the premier livestock, rodeo, and horse show in the nation, this 501(c)(3) charitable organization plays a pivotal role in serving agricultural producers and consumers worldwide. It also features Colorado’s largest western trade show. Beyond the exhilarating rodeo performances and majestic horse shows, is the National Western Stock Show stands as a beacon for education in agriculture, offering college and graduate-level scholarships in agriculture and veterinary medicine aimed at bolstering rural practices.

A January Tradition: For 16 days every January, the National Western Stock Show transforms Denver into a hub of Western culture and celebration. This nationally recognized event has become a cornerstone of Western heritage, hosting one of the world’s richest regular season professional rodeos, one of the country’s largest horse shows, and Colorado’s largest western trade show.

Stock Show Fun Fact: Many in Colorado will not take down their Christmas Trees until the conclusion of the Stock Show.

The Heart of the Event: More than just a spectacle, the National Western Stock Show is dedicated to strengthening American agriculture through a myriad of enrichment programs and youth education initiatives. From livestock and equestrian programs to fostering awareness and appreciation for farming, ranching, and animal care, the event is a testament to the organization’s commitment to shaping the future of agriculture.

Enrichment and Education: At its core, the National Western Stock Show aims to celebrate Western lifestyles and foster a sense of community. Through a range of programs, the event provides life-long memories and establishes cherished family traditions. The emphasis on education in agriculture extends beyond the arena, creating a lasting impact on the youth involved in livestock, equestrian activities, and more.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of January 6, the National Western Stock Show stands as a symbol of resilience, tradition, and commitment to the future of American agriculture. Beyond the thrilling rodeo performances and breathtaking horse shows, it’s an event that bridges the past with the present, creating an enduring legacy for generations to come. So, mark your calendars and join in the celebration of Western heritage at the National Western Stock Show—a spectacle that goes beyond entertainment, shaping the future of agriculture one event at a time.

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