Did you know that Parker Adventist Hospital offers an Equestrian Safety Program? Well, they do! This class is great for adults just getting into riding, kids that need to learn about safety while riding, or anyone that rides needing a brush up on safety while riding. During the class (which lasts under an hour) you learn about how injury can affect you and why wearing a helmet while riding is so important. After the class, the facilitator fits you for a helmet and you get to take it home with you. They only ask for a minimal donation to help keep their program running for other equestrians in the area.

The helmet fitting occurs on the fourth Friday of every month at 2p.m. You must RSVP to attend.

In our area, due to the popularity of horse riding, equestrian-related injuries are among the top five injuries most commonly treated Parker Adventist Hospital’s emergency department. That is why they are committed to promoting public awareness of equestrian-related injuries, injury prevention, public safety and the importance of wearing an equestrian helmet. To date their equestrian safety program has distributed more than 800 helmets to riders in Colorado.

To learn more, visit their website.

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