EQUIOXX® (firocoxib) Tablets received FDA approval in July, and now this new 57mg chewable tablet formulation of the only equine coxib non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) is available for purchase with a prescription.

EQUIOXX is now available in three formulations – injection, paste and tablet. It is a once-daily treatment to control pain and inflammation associated with equine osteoarthritis, also called degenerative joint disease.1 All three EQUIOXX formulations allow for consistent therapy with the same active ingredient. It has a proven safety profile and spares COX-1 inhibition while inhibiting COX-2 prostaglandin production.*

“EQUIOXX Tablets are chewable and easy to administer to horses, with or without feed,” says Dr. Hoyt Cheramie, Senior Manager, Merial Large Animal Veterinary Services. “For veterinarians prescribing an NSAID, the tablet is one of three safe and effective options in the family of EQUIOXX formulations.”

Dr. Cheramie says horse owners, trainers and veterinarians attending horse shows and other events should ensure they are in compliance with medication rules for each association before using any formulation of EQUIOXX. Talk to your veterinarian to determine which option best suits your horse.

Merial is committed to being a leader in performance horse health. The equine industry has been waiting for an approved tablet formulation of EQUIOXX, and this addition allows Merial to continue being a go-to resource for proven horse health solutions.

EQUIOXX Tablets are available by prescription only. Please contact a veterinarian or Merial sales representative to learn more, or visit www.equioxx.com.

*Clinical relevance has not been determined.


As with any prescription medication, prior to use, a veterinarian should perform a physical examination and review the horse’s medical history. A veterinarian should advise horse owners to observe for signs of potential drug toxicity. As a class, nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drugs may be associated with gastrointestinal, hepatic and renal toxicity. Use with other NSAIDs, corticosteroids or nephrotoxic medication should be avoided. EQUIOXX has not been tested in horses less than 1 year of age or in breeding horses, or pregnant or lactating mares. For additional information, please refer to the prescribing information or visit www.equioxx.com.

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1 EQUIOXX product labels and FOI summaries and supplements.

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