Horses in Snow

I recently moved onto some acreage and needed to get it ready for the horses to move home. One of the things needed was outdoor sheds for in the paddocks. There are a LOT of shed and shelter manufacturers out there, but finding a quality one that was safe and aesthetically pleasing was super important to me.

After messaging with a lot of manufacturers, one really stood out to me: Colorado Shed Company. A variety of reasons made me go with them, but above all was their commitment to helping me find what I needed, within my budget, to match the existing structures on the property, and really offering quality products; all without making me feel pressured to buy.

Chestnut horse with an outdoor shelter

The design of their sheds is a lot prettier than many out there (IMO anyway), you can get them in wood or metal siding with shingle or metal roof, they deliver and anchor for you, and you get a discount for buying multiple shelters at once!

Also, they have a great warranty policy:
1.) If you are not satisfied with your product within 30 days of the delivery date of your structure, they will pick it up and refund your money.
2.) They offer a 7-year workmanship warranty on their structures that covers the construction and workmanship of the unit.

Horse shelter is dry and protected

My poor sales guy, Bradley, had his work cut out for him. I hadn’t made up my mind on size, finish, etc. and he really helped me understand all the options available. I also went back and forth on the color a couple of times (if I wanted the roof to match the trim or siding) and he just rolled with it like it was no big deal.

After speaking to the Douglas County Permitting Division, I realized that shelters under a certain size don’t need a permit, so that really helped make up my mind regarding the size I wanted. (I highly recommend you speak to your local permitting division before adding any structures to your property!)

So I decided on two 12’x12′ Shelters. I ended up going with metal siding and roof because they will last longer, my horses cannot chew on them (because let’s face it, horses will chew on things), and the metal siding came in a color SUPER close to the existing structures on the property (Bradley helped me figure out the best one to match – and holy cow are they close!).

Chicken coop

Because I have wanted chickens FOREVER, this is the first time we live somewhere I can have them, AND you get a discount for doing multiple items at once, I had them build me a chicken coop too while they were at it. One big enough for me to walk in was important due to some physical limitations I have, and not lots of places offer them (for a reasonable price, anyway) that is also super high quality. They painted it to match my house 100% (for a small extra cost since it wasn’t one of their normal colors), and the shingles are even the same color!

They kept me up to date on the production of all the buildings and worked around my schedule for delivery. Their delivery driver was super professional, placed the shelters exactly how I wanted them, anchored them in the ground for me, was efficient, and was really knowledgeable about the buildings because I had some questions. Not to mention the wicked cool trailer they use to deliver these things with. Plus the driver got into some crazy tight spaces without any issues (the trailer can turn without the truck moving!!!)!

If you are in the market for any sort of shelter (tack room, any sized animal shelter, chicken coop, garage, storage shed, gazebo, pergola, etc.), you owe yourself the favor of reaching out to Colorado Shed Company!

Colorado Shed Company
(719) 372-7433
Located in Penrose & Walsenburg, CO

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