In spite of the sub-zero temperatures and snowy conditions, the 118th stock show in 2024 ranked as the 10th most attended. Over 670,000 attendees engaged in various activities such as shopping, watching shows, participating in auctions, attending events, and exploring the diverse array of animals.

With a total of 671,461 people passing through the gates, the 118th annual stock show achieved the 10th-highest attendance in its longstanding history, as reported by stock show CEO and president Paul Andrews.

“The energy seemed as huge as ever, even with the coldest temperatures on record for the stock show,” Andrews said. “If you had told me we were going to have such a terrible cold snap, I would’ve thought we’d see closer to 650,000 people.”

In 2006 the all-time record was set on the event’s 100th anniversary, with 726,927 attendees.

This year there were participants and attendees from all 50 states, and an impressive 32 countries.

“It’s amazing to see, internationally, that’s on track for what we’ve seen in the past, but I can’t recall the last time people from all 50 states were here.” Andrews said.

Andrews mentioned that the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale recorded sales exceeding $835,000 in art value. Furthermore, the Junior Livestock Auction achieved a profit of $1.374 million, marking the second-highest in its history.

The majority of the auction proceeds directly benefit the youth who raised the animals. Additionally, 10% of the funds are allocated to the National Western Scholarship Trust, supporting students at colleges in Colorado and Wyoming. As of now, the trust sponsors 120 students currently pursuing higher education, according to Andrews.

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