WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service announced many of the stamps it will issue in 2024. One of those sets being a beautiful collection of horses.

“As always, our stamp program features a broad array of subjects and designs. Stamps are miniature works of art and often tell a story that highlights our American culture, our people or an important point in our history,” said Lisa Bobb-Semple, acting Stamp Services director for USPS. “Stamps also allow us to show what’s important to us as we carefully select which stamp adorns our mailpieces. The 2024 stamps were designed to offer the American public a broad array of choices for those looking to collect stamps or send a special message.”


This collection of stamps commemorates the deep-seated affection that Americans hold for horses. With a history rooted in shaping the early economic landscape of the United States, horses have transitioned into cherished athletes and steadfast companions. Today, they continue to play pivotal roles in various fields, including law enforcement, forestry, entertainment, equine therapy, and cattle ranching.

This sheet of 20 stamps showcases five exquisite photographs, each capturing the profile of these magnificent equines. The surrounding border, or selvage, features a sixth horse, adding to the visual appeal of the collection. These captivating stamps were meticulously crafted by USPS’s art director, Derry Noyes, who ingeniously incorporated existing photographs taken by Stephanie Moon and Karen Wegehenkel into the design.

This stamp series not only pays homage to the historical significance of horses in the development of the United States but also highlights the diverse roles they continue to play in contemporary society, making it a truly special addition to any stamp collector’s repertoire.

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