by US Equestrian Communications Dept. | Jan 10, 2024, 1:00 PM

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian is proud to announce the launch of the newly amended USEF National Endurance Award Program, a revamped initiative aimed at recognizing and celebrating the achievements of endurance athletes and horses across the country. Officially launching with the 2024 season, the USEF National Endurance Award Program includes the USEF Endurance Year-End Awards and the USEF Endurance Career Mileage Awards.

USEF Endurance Year End Awards will be calculated based on USEF and FEI competition results during the competition season (Dec. 1 – Nov. 30) and are composed of the following categories:

  • Top Ten National-Ranked Senior Athletes
  • Top Ten National-Ranked Junior/Young Rider Athletes
  • Endurance Athlete of the Year Award
  • Endurance Horse of the Year Award
  • Endurance Best Condition Season Award

The USEF Endurance Career Horse Mileage and Athlete Mileage Awards will honor horses and athletes for their achievements at 250; 500; 750; 1,000; 3,000; and 5,000 miles, showcasing the dedication and perseverance demonstrated in the world of endurance riding.

Athletes and horse owners can request recognition of their or their horse’s career mileage from American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) or Equine Distance Riding Association (EDRA) competitions held before December 1, 2023. To be eligible, requests must be submitted via email to the USEF Director of Endurance by September 1, 2024. Verification of requests will be conducted through AERC or EDRA competition records.

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