• Symposium with Cody Harrison

    The symposium is a fabulous way to immerse oneself in the teachings of Classical Equitation. This is an opportunity to watch Cody Harrison teach private lessons twice daily, watch Cody work horses, observe other students’ lessons, and have all your questions answered. There will be four riders on horses at various levels of training. Breeds will include Lusitano, PRE, Thoroughbred, Morgan, and Quarter Horse. See how this beautiful training style blends wonderfully with any task you have in mind for your horse. The symposium weekend includes daily lectures and planned lessons for the auditors’ learning experience. You will have an opportunity to ask questions about each rider’s session. Cody will…

  • Horse Drinking Water in Cold Weather
    Facility Management,  Horse Care,  Horse Health,  Horse Ownership in Colorado

    Keep your horse drinking & hydrated during these cold weather snaps

    Most of the year it is pretty easy to keep your horse drinking to stay healthy & hydrated, just provide clean water. But getting a horse to drink the approximate 10 gallons of water they need per day, during cold weather, can be quite a challenge at times. Not only is clean water important in winter, now you have to factor in freezing water, and even the lack of interest in water sometimes due to the horse being cold.

  • Facility Management,  Horse Care,  Horse Health,  Horse Ownership in Colorado

    Landscaping Ideas to Help Keep Away Bugs

    Being around a barn, we are all familiar with the annoying insects that come along with our 4 legged friends. Did you know there are landscaping tips you can follow to help keep away bugs naturally? Follow these steps to have a lovely looking facility and cut down on pesky insects. Your horse will thank you! (And so will everyone that visits your barn).