• Tack Sale

    Mile High Equestrian and Rescue in Centennial is hosting a huge tack sale on June 22 from 10AM-3PM. There will be tons of bridles, English and Western saddles, English and Western saddle pads, horse boots, halters, wraps, blankets and fly sheets, show clothes and riding boots, bits, grooming supplies, and more! 100% of proceeds will go directly to our rescue horses who you will be able to meet at the sale 🙂 MHR is also looking for additional tack donations or baked good items we can sell during the tack sale event. Learn more on MHR’s website: https://www.milehighrescue.org/events-1/huge-tack-sale

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    If you can’t Give, Do.

    Are you involved in any equestrian sport or organization? Chances are, they are a non-profit and rely heavily on participation and donations from members to keep running. If you can join, and/or donate – they will be extremely thankful. But if you cannot help out financially, there are still other ways to give back. Many of these organizations need volunteers to help with events, and MANY other tasks to keep the organization running smoothly.