Horse Ownership in Colorado

Wildfire Resources – Evacuation and More

It is no secret our state is on fire and many people and animals have been displaced, and are continuing to be displaced. Here is a list of helpful resources within the state for helping receive or provide evacuations for horses/livestock and more. We will add to the list as we find more resources (feel free to message us to get any links added).

911 Farm and Ranch Evacuation – Colorado (a grassroots community)

Are you evacuating? Here’s a list by location of people standing by to help:
#CalWoodFire (Jamestown):
#easttroublesomefire (Grand County):

Crisis Response on Facebook (lets people affected by crises tell friends they’re safe, find or offer help, and get the latest news and information.)

Colorado Wildfire Information

Cameron Peak Fire

Horse Evacuation Boulder Fort Collins Fire

Front Range Animal Evacuation Team


Western Colorado Wildfires Livestock Evacuation

Fleet of Angels
FB Page:
Trip Networking Group:

Emergency Evacuation Preparation for Horses

American Red Cross of Colorado

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