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How to create an Effective Sales or ISO Ad

We often see a sales or “in search of” (ISO) ad lacking tons of information. Do yourself a favor and include pertinent information in your ad so you alleviate the “tire kickers” contacting you and avoid unnecessary questions. Here are some tips on creating effective ads to sell your item or find something you are looking for.

Sales/Service Ad

ISO (In Search Of) Ad

Include Price & LocationInclude Budget & Location
Include Item Details such as:Include Item Details such as:
Age of horse/Year of birth or manufacture dateAge range or Year Range you are looking for
ColorIf you have a color preference
Breed of Horse / BloodlinesIf you have a breed preference
Gender of HorseGender preference
Discipline (H/J, Dressage, Western Pleasure/etc.)Specific discipline of horse or service you need
Level of training / AwardsIf you have a specific level of training needed
Material Item is made fromIf there is a specific material you require
Service Offered Service Needed (lessons/training/builder/etc.)
Any other important details (Temperament/Soundness/etc.)Other important details on the item/svc you need
Any other items it comes with (tack/bits/stirrups/etc.)Where you are willing to travel / if they must come to you
If you will accept trades 

If you think we should add anything to the list, comment below!

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