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How to be a New Boarder in a New to You Barn! Or Just a Good Boarder in General!

Moving barns is never an easy decision. But once you have made the decision and are the new boarder; here’s a few easy ways to make friends and get you AND your horse settled into your new barn!

  1. For starters take the time to learn your barn’s rules. Follow them. It will make your barn owner/manager (B.M.) appreciate you MUCH more!
  2. Always clean up after yourself. Whether you have groomed your horse and there is hair/dirt on the ground, your horse has pooped, you have tack out, or any other reason you have made an imprint on an area; be sure to remove whatever imprint you left behind.
  3. Be friendly!! Make sure to say hi to the people you see, introduce yourself and ask questions! The easiest way to get to know your fellow boarders is by starting a conversation. And we all have a leg up here because we are ALL horse lovers. If you don’t know what to talk about, ask them what they do with their horse to get the conversation rolling!
  4.  Participate in group outings/events. If there is a group trail ride, or a barbeque or something of the sort; make sure to attend! Remember all you need to do with horse people to fit in, is love your horse!
  5. Don’t ask for special treatment (without expecting to pay for it!!). If you have a high maintenance horse that needs something special. Don’t expect the B.M. to take care of it (unless you know up front that your base board covers the needs). With that being said, a lot of B.Ms. are flexible and willing to help; but let them know that you are willing to pay for their time and assistance with your equine family member.
  6.  If you damage something or your horse damages something; own up to it! Accidents happen (especially with horses in the equation), and many times you won’t be held financially responsible. But if you try to bail on responsibility all the time the more likely your Barn Manager will get upset with you and make you pay for it. Also; don’t get upset if your horse damages something costly and you are expected to pay for it. That is part of the responsibility we take on as horse owners!
  7. Try to make your horse’s feeding regimen as easy as possible! You only have 1 horse to worry about, the B.M. has many. If you do supplements; try to baggie everything so only 1 container needs to be given per feeding (instead of a concoction of containers to be done by B.M.). Not only does this help ensure you that your horse is getting everything you want, but it also saves time for your B.M. which they will IMMENSELY appreciate.
  8.  Use Arena Etiquette!! No one likes an arena hog or someone that doesn’t pay attention to the people around them. If you don’t know what arena etiquette is; be on the lookout for a blog post on the topic coming soon! (Kind of like driving on the road has rules, so does riding with other people in the arena).
  9. Don’t use other people’s items. Even if it is “left out in the open”. If you didn’t pay for it; IT’S NOT YOURS! Don’t touch it.
  10.  Overall just be courteous. If you wouldn’t like someone else doing it… DON’T DO IT!!
  11.  Have fun. Just get out there and enjoy your horse. That’s what you got them for in the first place.

We hope this list helps you get settled into a new barn easily. If you have any suggestions let us know and maybe it will get added to the list!

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