International Helmet Awareness DayDid you know that September 17 is International Helmet Awareness Day? Many of us wear a helmet in our everyday riding, but we don’t pay much attention to the helmet we are using. International Helmet Awareness Day is here to help with that!

Did you know that helmet manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet every four to five years? Well, they do. Everytime you ride (and sweat or get dirt in your helmet) you are effectively breaking down the Styrofoam inside the helmet that aids in shock absorption. Therefore it is not going to protect you as it should if your helmet is YEARS old.

Take a moment to check the label in your helmet and see how old it is. If it is older than five years old, it is definitely time to consider replacing it. OK, we heard you just gasp… Yes, it can be a costly investment, however there are some great inexpensive options out there. And if you are like we are, you get at least one new pair of breeches every year. (At least!). New breeches just save you from embarrassment, a new helmet saves your head and possibly your life. It is worth spending the money!

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