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Why wasn’t my horse for sale approved in the FB Group

Assuming you followed all of our group rules, the reason your post was not approved most likely is due to Facebook’s rules (NOT our group rules). Facebook prohibits the sale of animals and livestock. What this means for you: if you have created a sales post (instead of a discussion post) and it resembles a horse for sale (to Facebook’s computer algorythm), Facebook will delete/reject your post before it even makes it to our admins for approval into the group. This can affect horses for sale, Horse ISO ads, Horse Training Services, etc. We have absoluteley ZERO control over this. We welcome horse sales, however Facebook doesn’t and their computer algoryth isn’t perfect.

Some suggestions to get around this issue:

  • Try rewording your post so it seems less horse sales-y (male halter for sale instead of gelding for sale).
  • Change the photos or add photos to comments instead of in the main post.
  • And finally, we understand this is an issue and want to make life as easy for our group menbers as possible, so if you read the group rules: If you are offering a service, event or horse for sale, you may list it as a discussion (since FB is policing those items when they are marked as sales posts). These still must have an accurate description, pricing and location in the post or they will not be approved.

Also remember we have FREE classifieds here on the website, with over 10,000 viewers per year. So you should add your horse for sale, tack for sale, equine services, etc here.

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